Intriguing historical mysteries

History is a weird place where you can easily get lost in its mysteries. Some we have solved, while others remain without an answer even to this day. We can speculate, but we might never actually get to see what happened. And the lack of proof and answers is what makes these mysteries so enjoyable and nice to think about late at night, or around a campfire when it’s time to share stories with your friends.

One of the history’s biggest question is related to the most infamous murderer who has ever lived. Who was Jack the Ripper? It is a well-known fact that the intriguing figure killed five women, that we know of today, in London in 1888. He even sent letters to the police mocking them, but his true name was never discovered. The people of that time had their suspicions, and a recent book even said a woman was behind all the crimes, although that was never proved.

An even darker secret of the human saga is the story of the bog bodies. They are perfectly preserved human bodies, discovered in the sphagnum bogs of Northern Europe, which inhibited their decomposition. This allowed the skin and the organs to stay almost intact. The weird thing is that there were thousands of bodies, that are believed to be as old as the Iron Age, and most of them show signs of being murdered. Most historians believe they were part of a pagan sacrifice or that they were punished by their rulers.

Speaking of Europe, another secret that history has denied us the answers to is the formation of the famous Stonehenge. The glorious structure has inspired many stories and many possible answers, but even to this day, we still haven’t gotten closer to the truth. It is made of big pieces of bluestone, that each weighs more than six tones and it can be found in Salisbury Plain, England. It is believed to have been made in the Neolithic by the believers of a pagan religion who worshiped it for its healing powers or used it as a burial ground.

We also still don’t know if Shakespeare was who historians say he was and if he really wrote his own books, we have to find out who created the Nazca Lines in Peru, and ultimately, this is more of a primordial question than a historical mystery, we have to discover how life began on Earth.

No matter if we have answers or not, these miseries feed our creativity and let our mind fill the void in history. What is life without a little bit of intrigue, and without questions that lead to so many stories? Now, let your mind wander and try to come up with your answers to the moments we have presented so that you can add a new layer of depth to them.


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